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hi, its me again, this time I have a cool anime that was recently realeased. it’s about a kid named Takumi Nishijo. he is a computer geek with very little intrest in the real world till one day he gets a link from an unknown source. the link is a picture of a brutal crime that would take place in one day. after that things get wierder as the murderer enters his class and several nutcases are on his trail thinking that he commited the crime.

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sb anime

this is a series called gunslinger girl. it is about little kids who have been disabled Physically and scarred mentally. a goverment sevice called the social welfare agency gives these kids a second chance. but in extange for the miraculace medical care each of these children mus pay the price, to have there memories wiped clean and to be trained as anti-terrorist assassins.

this is the link for the anime. I tried to find a way to embed it but embeding was disabled, sorry


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SB Recommended Anime

Hey everybody, this is a new blog post called SB recommended anime. this is a blog were I will share a variety of anime that is awesome. this one is called “Gurren Lagann“, in a future were humanity is forced underground, one boy will make a discovery that will defy destiny and save humanity. here is the link for the first episode.

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