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As you may know, Laurie Halse Anderson has a new book out: The Impossible Knife of Memory.   We just got the book in our collection, and I just finished reading it. . . and it was just as awesome as I had hoped it would be.    She’s one of my “rock star” authors, and since we have this new book, I thought I’d share an interview with her that I found on Entertainment Weekly.    You can read the entire article HERE — but here’s an excerpt:

Hayley really comes out guns blazing as far as the introduction of her character to the reader. Does she have a basis in your own reality?
I connected her a lot with myself, just her “fists-up” attitude. I knew my parents loved me, but we didn’t talk about things, which made it hard. I really felt all the time like the world was on the verge of hurting me, and that’s who Hayley is. There’s a definition that’s begun to make the circles in terms of mental health providers now, which is Secondary PTSD. We’re seeing this sadly transmitted within the families of vets; their beloved and their children are sometimes showing their own hyper-awareness, hyper vigilant behaviors. There’s a piece of me there.
                                                  .                         .                      .                       .                        .
This novel is a little different than your other YAs, because amidst all the scary things in Hayley’s life, she’s also falling in love. What made you want to include a sweet character like Finn and create this love story for Hayley?
Because I wanted to write a love story and I never had, and love is awesome! Hayley’s journey and the journey of all adolescents is, in your teens, you start moving away from your family of origin because you’re preparing to go out into the world, and that’s part of why your friendship circles become so important. And that’s why we fall in love. When your family is doing great, then that is a fantastic experience. When your family is not doing great, then those relationships take on even more significance and weight because you are so hungry for attention and validation and love.

You can find this book on our New Teen Books display — lower level, bookcase in front of the Connection Desk.   And if you don’t see it, ask one of our staff, because we can put a hold on it for you if it’s checked out.


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The sequel to Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is out!   Hollow City has just hit our shelves, so I thought I’d share this with everyone.   If you haven’t had a chance to pick up Hollow City yet, you’ll get some hints about it in this interview . . . plus find out about Ransom’s first creepy photo encounter!

And here’s another hint — we’re having a program in March where you can create your own photos of peculiar people.  Stay tuned!

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