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We’ve moved!!!!

Our Library recently redesigned its website, and now, all of our blogs are hosted in-house on our home page.   We’ll leave up this WordPress blog, so that people can read our archived posts.   However, for any content after March 1, 2014, please visit us at our new home: http://www.lislelibrary.org/frontstreetteens

We look forward to seeing you on our new site, and hope you’ll add our new address to your feed!


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I can’t wait for this movie!   So, of course, I had to share the trailer —

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Pop Tab Bracelets

For anyone who missed our Upcycled Jewelry Program yesterday here is a video to show you what we made.

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headless boy 2-mod

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pokemon_x_y_e3Like many of you i have been waiting for a long time to play Pokemon X/Y. I was intrigued about how the series would look once it made the jump to 3D.  While I loved the old school pixel graphics, their age was beginning to show and it felt as though the series was afraid to make the next big leap. While I was a big fan of both Black/White and Black 2/ White 2, there were large sections of those games that felt slightly out of touch with the current gamer. For instance the over emphasis on grinding mechanics that require only patience and time. Also some of the menu scenes were troublesome to navigate at times. But enough about the past lets talk about the future.

Game Play 

for the most part, casual fans will not notice much of a difference from previous games. If anything both casual and hardcore fans will notice that the game “feels” easier. It must be said that this particular impression will be based on the fact that a great deal of the needless grinding has been removed from the game as a whole. There are still a few places that grind a bit, but by and large these are few and far between. It is unquestionably a welcome addition.



There has been a great deal of arguing about this over the internet in the past few months. It was obvious to me that nothing would be settled until the game made it’s way into our hands. So, what is the verdict? They are awesome, they are a great leap forward in terms of refinement, while still clearly being the pocket monsters we know and love.


Overall Grade


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Just when I’m not looking, I can discover something completely new here in our library stacks.  For example, today, I was looking for something and came across this book: The Encyclopedia of Prediction (133.3 BAR).    This book is full of color illustrations, and interesting information — like did you know that “You should beware of someone with a fickle nature after a dream about a toad.” ??    I had no idea.   Not that I ever dream about toads.  But, if I do, I know I should watch out the next day.

This book has information about all kinds of divination, including tarot, runes, palm reading, and more.    Definitely worth paging through if you’re curious.

Teen Read Week, with the theme of Seek the Unknown @ Your Library, may be over ….. but you can still discover some new things here in the library.

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warbrothers graphic framed  For all you fans of realistic fiction AND graphic novels, we have a real treat for you. We just got in the graphic novel ” War Brothers by author Sharon E. Mckay and artist Daniel LaFrance. Our catalog describes it as

“Ugandan boys Jacob and Tony, after being abducted and turned into child soldiers, escape from their captors and reach safety, but Jacob is left with the mental scars of the ordeal”


This is not a graphic novel for the feint of heart. The central story line is absolutely heartrending. It is a text that deals with the violence of wars and child soldiers in a frank but understandable way. If you are a fan of graphic novels like Persepolis this maybe a great fit for you. If you are put off by emotionally intense portraits of war, you might want to find something else.

you can currently find War Brothers on our New Book Shelf upstairs in youth services under the call # JH GN MCK

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